The Daejeon Culture & Arts Center established the arts academy to educate students in local areas about arts as well as develop those with potentials in the field. It also provides a chance for everyone to experience diverse arts and cultural performance.
Raise and educate individuals in the arts and provide a suitable environment for excellent artists
Develop one's potential to become an excellent artist
With public performance for citizens to help enjoy the culture and art, development and mobilization of the audience
Provide educational programs on diverse types of culture and arts for adults
Appreciation of the various art forms by providing lectures from reputable speakers
Subjects: Plays, dancing, music
Target individuals: ages 18 and older
Members: 30 people for each subject
Management of arts education programs for local children
- Development and education of talented children in the arts
- Development and education on diverse subjects
Subjects: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet
Target individuals : elementary and middle school students selected from auditions
Members : total 90 people
total members may vary for each subjects depending on the number of applicants
- Free style performance (all the instruments should be played without accompaniment)
- Evaluation of musical skills, as well as other factors such as interview