How are you doing, everyone.
I'm Lim, Hae Kyoung, the third president of Daejeon Culture & Arts Center.

It is my great honor to represent such a great performance center, for which, I feel great responsibility at the same time. 
Since its opening in October 2003, the Daejeon Culture and Arts Center has undergone a marked development to such an extent that it attracts the audience from the neighborhood and metropolitan district as well as the Daejeon citizens.
It might have been possible not only because we have invited the world-renowned musicians such as New York Philharmonic Orchestra, etc. but also had on the stage the best performances from various genres including musicals such as Cats, etc. that require the most advanced stage facility. We also had on stage the world's best dance company like Maurice B jart, etc. whose name alone is enough to make our heart flutter. In addition, we kept on providing stage assistance for regional arts organization and promoting development through various planning programs to prepare the win-win framework, and also tried to meet the yearning for citizens' appreciation for the culture and arts through the 'Talent Academy' and 'Culture & Arts Lecture for Public', etc.
9 years already passed since the Center has been opened. I will exert my utmost efforts to turn this venue into a warm performance center where our citizens and regional artists gather together on the foundation of the reputation that has been accumulated during previous years. Most importantly, I will focus on positively developing organic relation with educational institutes, arts organizations, and other social organizations so that the Center can be greeted enthusiastically by the public.
For the rapidly changing society that is becoming more and more complex, and for the modern people who live in such society of uncertainty, it is inevitable to prepare the criteria of value for win-win and coexistence that doesnĄ¯t shift easily. The investment and development for culture and arts that may convince us about human nature and intrinsic value of life can greatly contribute to our formation of such criteria of value. I sincerely look forward to your continued interest, encouragement, and participation in this endeavor to establish the unwavering foundation of life through culture and arts.


Thank you very much.

Lim, Hae kyoung,
President Professor.
Daejeon Culture and Arts Center